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Boomer, I feel that as an ACP solider I have a right to express my opinion about going-ons in the ACP community. If you wish to remove this, that is fine. I can’t edit posts, so I’ll post my opinion. [BTW: I have the Kappa Brigade site up: http://theacpkappabrigade.wordpress.com/]

There are waaay to many moderators on the chat. I propose that only Brigade Leaders or Generals and up should be moderators because we have inexperienced soliders insulting our allies and banning them for no reason. We have fights about where to go and when to go. We have small children like Chapa being exposed to swearing, sexual language, and racism. I believe that this would all stop if we limited the number of moderators. Do you remember when Kg reset the chat? Now, that was madness. There were so many moderators and owners, it was ridiculous. Is this what we trained our soliders to be? If someone does not agree with a moderator, they are banned. This is madness!

I propose that only brigade leaders should be moderators.

Once again, Boomer, this is only my opinion and you may delete if you want. That is fine.

~Sheila, ACP General~

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  1. FIRST

  2. I agree. ( second )

  3. Why won’t my post show up!

  4. That is a very good opinion Sheila.
    I am getting tired of sexual language.
    Although I am not a brigade leader i do not care!
    As long as I get to get back on acp!

  5. That is a very good opinion Sheila.
    I am getting tired of bad language.
    Although I am not a brigade leader I do not care!

  6. I kind of agree, I think Lt.General and up should be mod point, Chapa is 8,I’m 9. We’re the two youngest soldiers but we see the most fial language, for instance, Coleslaw is WAY to immature to be on chat, he said “Fox and Thomas F-*-C-K-I-N-G in a tree”, I don’t even love Fox! But I’m tired of that, I say the mod point moves up one rank,then we’d only have 10-15 mod’s. We need a few mods that should be responceable, maybe Boomer should HAND PICK the mods he could trust. Nod’s i would suggest that you could trust,

    Sheila Gally,.Tom Twelve,Chapa23,Maybe me( because I wouldn’t act like the others and bann ppl no reason), Mr Random,Seanehawk,Wicket1235


  7. I made a few typo’s

  8. Oh and a few more Boomer could think of :mrgreen:

    -Thomas0270 ACP Colonel,over and out

    FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT! (My new saying like Commando717’s “Fight the good fight!”)

  9. Hey I am a young acp soldier.

  10. Ok i will be there srry i have been unidle for a while I have been busy with school I get homework on weekends and weekdays and I have to get my math grade from a 70- 80 or i will be grounded

  11. Im not in acp but i have persons medicine.

  12. Well Sheila, we could do that but there is something better. Yup. People become mods just because they reach Mod Rank. But just because they reached a specific rank by fighting for ACP, does that mean that they have proved themselves responsible enough to be a mod? Let’s just say hypothectically that we have a mod with a kicking problem. Now im not pointing fingers, *cough* meggis, but just because a soldier reaches a rank, shouldn’t mean that they should immediatly be a mod. Mods are supposedto be people that prove RESPONSIBLE, not people that just fight. lets take the rules for example.

    Rule 1: No Bad Language

    Ok, this is one of the rules our chat has a MAJOR problem with. I think I can say, that everyone in chat has cursed before or still does it now. But does anyone do anything about it? No, the mods don’t even care, well, at least the majority

    Rule 2: No advertising (spamming)

    Yet again another rule that is not followed. You can walk in our chat and hear every army site out there along with their chats! Jeesh! You always got someone saying Vote Vote Vote, Join Join Join, Comment, Comment, Comment.

    Rule 3: No Flooding (being annoying)

    Well, this is something that I think is 50/50. The reason I say this is because mods take care of this. But, we have some mods that keep unbanning or membering someone thats been banned or guested just because their that mod’s friend. Listen That person is banned/ guested for a reason, not because for fun. But also there are mods that tend to guest and ban for fun. Major issue.

    Rule 4: No talking about innapropriate stuff

    Ok, we are always saying how perverted other chats are, “Oh Golds was the most perverted” “No, Nachos was” Listen, Half of the talk on chat is perverted. But hardly anyone does anything to stop this because its “funny” I don’t care if its funny, rules are rules and you have to follow them, but no they arent now are they?

    Rule 5: No political or religious arguements

    Well this is something that is More than i’ll say 74% of the time handled. But when a Religious arguement starts or a political one starts all hell breaks loose! and mods dont ban or kick or guest because their too busy trying to argue why their right or wrong.

    Rule 6: No sharing of personal information

    This is something about 65% controlled, but the other percentage of the time, you got people sharing the pictures of others, themselves, or innapropriate pictures and other stuff, This is controlled a lot but it is something that we can improve on.

    Rule 7: No Joining or helping enemies

    Ok umm I don’t know about this one, but during wars we tend to get a lot of spies and stuff. There should be some kind of rule about this, like if your army spies your army is automatically discqualified from the war. or something like that.

    Rule 8: No asking to be a moderator

    Lmao! This is the biggest joke. I can tell that every member practically does this. ” Can I be a mod cuz i wanna kick this person” Be quiet.. You gotta be a responsible person to be a mod.

    Rule 9: Dont do anything you know or feel is wrong.

    We need to work on this. Because honestly everyone including some owners, do something like this.

    Rule 10: Do whatever the leader ( s ) says to.

    Ok, since weve been getting more and more new recruits we need to talk about this. Somebody named ACP XDOG is always on chat saying ” Go to Mammoth there is a war against us…” Ok, multiple times, the higher ranks have kept telling people like him that you have to get out of mammoth and stop fighting. But what do members like xdog dog do? They keep repeating the same sh***. You have to understand that if a leader isn’t there, the next Highest rank is in charge.

    Rule 11: Don’t be mean and have fun!

    Well i think we are having fun, but a lot of people on chat are mean. Haven’t you guys ever heard of forgive and forget? Honestly if one person does something wrong you make it so dramatic and act like ACP is gonna fall!

    Now Lets talk about the mod’s rules. Oh, Im gonna enjoy this one.

    Mod Rule 1: You are a Brigadier or up in ACP.

    Ok, Its Major General or up now, not brigadier

    Mod Rule 2: You are a retired ACP Legend (must be cleared with me unless your name is on the legends page [to be updated])

    Ok, I know RETIRED legends are guaranteed modship, but we have some legends that have come out of retirement and are mods and have a low rank. For example, Superhighfly is a Brigadier General or Colonel and this person is a mod! Just because a person is some owners friend does not mean that they should be modded. Thats not fair.

    Mod Rule 3: You are a major army leader, for now there will not be any co-leaders until we figure out how many mods we have

    Ok, lets talk about this one. I understand there are major army leaders that are mods and I understand why. But, some of them are perverted freaks that break all the rules *cough* Person. just saying as an example xD.

    Mod rule 4: You are a retired army Legend

    Ok, yeah army legends can be responsible people. But some tend to break the rules out of boredom.

    Mod rule 5: Any others Must have permission from me

    Im not even gonna talk about this one…

    So you see? You can say, ” Oh, these are just Stev’s opinions” But if you think about it, its the truth. This is going on everyday in our chat. So before you complain about another, let’s look at our chat and see what we can do about this. How many times have we said that we need to fix this? All Ive seen happen is get the mod rank moved up 1. Like i said before, Mod privileges should come from the way a person acts and responds, not because of a title they have achieved.

    Well if anyone manages to read all of this, I hope you take it into consideration. Thank you.


    Boomer: This is a really good comment.

  13. COOL I WAS IN SOME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t agree with Shelias idea because obviously the only reason shes oking this is because she would still be a mod.

  15. yeahhhh.., shila i kinda agree uop to a certain oint, like thomas sad, maybe lt. general even if boomer decides to act, i feel maye it’s a bit like the 1980’s problem with racism -e.g one dark coloured peson is a criminal, suddenly the steriotypical point get out that all the dark coloured people are criminals- :S

    Lt. gen -_- , Gamma state gov. -_- , Acp Senator -_- Acp Legend , Memorial Acp Medal Of Honour 😦

    Mitch a.k.a Blue Speed 7 -.-

    p.s maybe people like chapa shouldn’t be trusted with this much power -this isn’t an attack on chapa personally- i just think maybe 8 is a bit to you to m trusted with holy mod power xD

  16. sheila * up* certain* -i’m having a bad day -_-. –

  17. not just generals/brigade Leaders! thats not fair for the lt generals and major generals because they cant become a general because theres no open brigades!
    I say if you make less, make it major general and up

  18. oh thats what it is now, Keep it the same!

  19. Stev i could not have agreed more. The mod line should be permanately destroyed. Mods should be people that will ENFORCE THE RULES.

  20. Good reply Stev except you complain about cussing by cussing? Whats up with that? Cussing should be a 24 hour ban period. I don’t care who you are. Parents monitor this site and they pay most peguin memberships too. A new recruit comes here and are treated to cussing and worse, we will lose that recruit and their friends. I agree the mod line should be shifted.

  21. The mean mods should be unmodded and the mods that aren’t in ACP.

  22. good point chapa

  23. I agree with everything you just said Stev. Especially the thing about earning your modship. On the WCP chat we used to have a mod above the mod line that kicked almost anyone he could for fun. *cough Divotoo* You’re a rank below the Mod line, but you should be a mod on the chat. You seem like you could enforce the chat rules fairly.

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